We don't just work with unique relationships.
We live them.

Infinite Heart Coaching is the outcome of years of experience with alternative models of relationships and sexuality. It was born from a desire to help the communities that we are part of, to provide the kind of services that we benefited from ourselves.

Meet Our Founder

Nolan Lawless has over ten years of experience in mental health, during which he has helped a wide range of LGBT, BDSM, and non-monogamous clients. Nolan has been an active member of the BDSM community for most of his adult life, and he and his wife proudly identify as polyamorous.

New Name,
New Direction

After years in private practice as a general mental health practitioner, Nolan decided to refocus his professional career on the populations he felt called to work with. He named his new office Infinite Heart, both in reference to the symbol for polyamory and to the limitless power of love and healthy relationships.

Working With People,
Not Pathology

Like his mentor, the late Dr. William Glasser, Nolan emphasizes the role of healthy relationships in a person's mental health and happiness. Infinite Heart does not diagnose or pathologize its clients, but supports them in making healthy choices for themselves and their relationships.

Strong. Stable. Yours.

Whether you want to repair damage that has occurred in your relationships, explore new relationship or sexual territory with your partner or partners, or strengthen the connections you already share, our coaches are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!