Love comes in many forms.
Keep yours alive and strong.

No matter who you are, who you love, or how you love, you deserve to experience a full, fulfilling, healthy relationship. At Infinite Heart Coaching, we recognize that there are as many ways to be in a relationship as there are relationships. We help our clients to navigate the unique challenges of their relationships to overcome obstacles, improve communication, and rediscover the joy that love can bring.

We Believe

  • A beautiful diversity of gender expression, relationship models, and sexual experiences is a vital part of being human.
  • Every person deserves to love and be loved in the way that their heart tells them is right.
  • No person should be judged, stigmatized, rejected, or mistreated because their form of love runs counter to the majority.
  • Loving differently does not make someone "disordered" or "sick", and it was wrong for counselors of the past to claim otherwise.

Loving Against
The Grain

Relationships are hard, plain and simple. When that relationship is different from what society expects, things can get even harder. Infinite Heart's experienced counselors can help provide support so your love can grow the way it was meant to, without shame or guilt.

Loving Beyond

Polyamory, open relationships, and other forms of ethical non-monogamy expand the boundaries of traditional relationships, opening partners to a unique set of joys and struggles. Whether you are considering opening your relationship or have been living a poly lifestyle for years, we can help navigate the obstacles of non-monogamy to build healthy, lasting relationships.

Unique Needs. Exceptional Solutions.

Infinite Heart Coaching does not offer "one size fits all" coaching.
Every session is tailored to the unique needs of our valued clients.

  • Opening Up

    Contemplating opening your relationship? Get support and guidance from coaches who have been there and know the benefits and pitfalls of moving beyond monogamy.

  • Staying Connected

    Maintaining a long term non-monogamous relationship means exceptional communication and a solid foundation of trust. Let us help you keep all of your relationships strong.

  • Living Out

    Non-heterosexual relationships have their own unique needs and obstacles. Our coaches can provide an affirming, supportive environment for communicating and strengthening your relationship.

  • Authentically You

    Whether transgender or nonbinary, the process of questioning and exploring your gender identity can be confusing and isolating. Let our experienced staff support you as you discover who you were always meant to be.

  • Beyond Vanilla

    Sexual desires are as unique as fingerprints, and there are numerous ways to express yourself sexually. Our kink-aware coaches will help you unearth your fantasies and explore them in a safe, healthy manner.

  • Broken Trust

    Recovering from infidelity or other serious trust violations requires work and commitment, but it is very possible. Our coaches will provide you with the support you need to rebuild your foundations together.

Strong. Stable. Yours.

Whether you want to repair damage that has occurred in your relationships, explore new relationship or sexual territory with your partner or partners, or strengthen the connections you already share, our coaches are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!